Custom Profile Extrusions

King Wai totally integrates concept development, detailed design, specification, tooling, material compounding, production, final component fabrication and assembly. This one-source responsibility concept throughout development and production guarantees confidentiality to our customers.

Our award wining design team, working in advanced CAD systems, provides an effective interface with the customer to transform ideas to mass production. Given the performance criteria of the product, we can offer design specification, material selection and performance verification such as accelerated weather testing.

All tool design and construction is done in-house to ensure control and customer confidentiality.

Using advanced spectrophotometers, King Wai also provides a full colour matching service for both vinyl and engineering plastics.

King Wai provides both on-line and off-line fabrication, decoration and value-added services for profiles.

King Wai supplies profiles product systems to the following industries:
  • Perimeter Seals for Refrigeration Industry.
  • Engineering Profiles for Supermarket Cold Chain Equipment.
  • Engineering Plastic Profiles for OA equipment.
  • Profiles for Electronic Packaging.
  • Diffuser Profiles for Lighting.
  • Engineering Profiles for Electrical Engineering.
  • Profiles for Water Treatment Facilities.
  • Profiles for Office System Furniture.
  • Profiles for Clean Room Industries.
  • Profiles for Visual Merchandizing and Point of Purchase Industries.
  • Architectural Profiles for Construction and Interior Fittings.
  • Profiles for Civil and Structural Engineering.
  • Finishing Profiles for automobiles.
  • Diffuser Profiles for Lighting Industries.

Materials Processed

Rigid Vinyl

Profiles for general purpose or RoHS applications.

Flexible Vinyl

Flexible Profiles for general-purpose seal applications.


PVC replacement for ‘green’ profile application.

Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)

High heat and weather-resistant seals, thermal expansion joints.


Transparent/Translucent profiles for diffuser and POP display.


High performance profiles for high wear and low friction applications.


Liquid Crystal Polymer for ultra high temperature applications.

Glass or Carbon Modified Polycarbonate

Profiles for EMC, Anti-static, Static-Dissipative, Conductive applications in electronic equipment.

Engineering Alloy (PC/ABS)

High Contact Temperature Load Bearing Applications.

Mineral-Filled Polyester

Outdoor applications as stone replacement.

Expanded PS and Vinyl

Structural profiles for building industry.


Weather-resistant profiles for outdoor applications.


Flexible material for co-extrusion with non-PVC profiles.

Fiber Filled Plastics

Eco-Friendly material for wood replacement outdoor applications such as decking and garden furnishings.