Welcome to King Wai

Innovative Profile Solutions Since 1970

King Wai is a polymer processing group specializing in the development and production of precision extruded thermoplastic products. King Wai has been recognized as the innovative solution provider for plastic profile extrusion since 1970.

Based on the Group’s core technology in polymer extrusion, the Group’s product program covers a range of branded products for construction, electrical, refrigeration, outdoor furnishings and retail merchandizing industries.

Company Profile

King Wai Co., Ltd. was established in Thailand in 1984 as a joint venture between Thai shareholders and King Wai Group. Today it operates as an independent associate within the King Wai Group.

King Wai Group’s regional manufacturing presence offers comprehensive logistic support to customers across a broad spectrum of industries.

Our Beliefs

  • Profit is the society’s reward for us in doing a good job. It is not the reason for us to do what we do. It is the passion that drives us to do what we do.
  • Excellence is expected in all that we do.
  • We always believe there is a better way of doing things.
  • We are not afraid of admitting our mistakes and learning from our failures.
  • Cheap prices do not equate to low cost. It is our ability to deliver a reasonable price with a reliable and consistent quality that will maintain our leadership in the industry.
  • Being an ethical and responsible corporate citizen in all the markets that we do business.